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Chicken Choodle


We see your chicken noodle and we raise you #LiquidGold.

What You Need:

4  Chicken breasts
1  package fresh mushrooms
1  onion
1  Butter
1  Salt
1  cup Kraft Ranch Dressing
1  family size box Velveeta Shells and Cheese
Chicken Choodle


Boil  chicken until done. Remove chicken from water and let cool.
While  boiling water for noodles, slice mushrooms and dice onions. Fry together in pan with a teaspoon of butter, salt to taste, until done to your liking. Remove from hear and set aside.
Take  the chicken now cold, and cut into small pieces. Put in with mushrooms and onions.
Boil  shells in water until done.
In  a big bowl put hot noodles. Add the cheese, mushroom, onion, chicken, Ranch dressing, and mix all together. Serve.
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